If you are looking among truly personal plug in wall heaters then Lasko #100 Ceramic Heater is your deal. It is economical and practical in every sense. Made from high quality plastic this small personal heater is your true partner in cold weather when you cannot avoid your routine chores and professional duties. It is there to provide a personal warm space around you. So if you are looking for a plug in room heater to break the chill in your entire room, then look for some bigger model.

It is safe to use in all conditions since it does not heat up externally. It saves electricity and cuts down on your power bills. If you are wondering that how many watts does a space heater uses then you will be glad to know that this heater uses 200 watts of energy to keep you warm. Due to its convenience and portability multiple heaters can be used at different locations at home without carrying it from one room to another.

It is cool and smart appliance to carry while traveling. You can use it in your RV or car making the travel time more comfortable. The ceramic heating system is highly responsive that retains the temperature settings for longer duration. It is a great appliance to keep you warm as you step out of your bathtub, sitting on your work desk using laptop, study table finishing your school assignment or putting up makeup on your dressing table. It must be saved from moisture or water for enhancing its life.

This smallest ceramic heater can be an excellent gifting option as well. It can be also used to warm where you keep your pets. It is cooler from exterior so it will not pose any problem to them. Its smart and quiet fan throws the warm air in the correct direction. Its looks and utility has earned a 4.1 star rating from around 5000 Amazon portable heaters reviews. Need I say more about this space heater near me?

In the category of small and compact personal heaters, a plug in space heater is considered the most sought after home gadget by people living and moving in chilly locations. The Personal Heater 142598 fits well for the need of such people due to its convenience and capability to heat up small spaces.

You can plug this handy heater in the wall plug near you so that the warm heat flows just where you are sitting. It gets heated in no time and keeps you warm for as long as you wish due to its reliable heating action. You can program with up to 12 hour timer that goes automatically off to save power.

It is an efficient and smart personal heater that needs 350 watts energy for warming an area of 250 sq. feet. The portability and handiness will redefine the way you enjoy your personal moments. It can go along with you everywhere indoors and outdoors. In the range of plug in heaters for home, this is just perfect for any small enclosed space. The best feature of this heater is that it heats up very quickly and blows the hot air sufficient for one or two people in a small room, a cubical, a bathroom or store room. It can also be equally useful in a dorm when your immediate need is to keep you warm in unexpected weather. It has adjustable thermostat to keep the temperature perfect to give you desired comfort at different places.

The black PuraFlame 9" Clara Mini is another outstanding personalized heating solution that can never go wrong when you need warmth the most. It is very compact to carry and place anywhere. It can warm the space around you while you sit in your living room, bed room, travelling in car or an RV or simply working in your kitchen or workshop. The chilly weather outside can never come in the way of your responsibilities.

Requiring only 120V of electricity power it is 100% LED lit handy heater. After switching on its gives a cool coal flame effect that makes it attractive in appearance. It is your choice how you wish to use it whether with flame effect or without it. The metallic grill at the lower front side keeps blowing the hot air so that you are not distracted due to surrounding chill.

The adjustable thermostat makes it dependable for setting the temperature of your small room and the safety tip-over along with the overheating protection makes it a safe home appliance. It is so powerful that a space of 400 sq feet area can be easily and quickly warmed up for an urgent meeting or some unexpected company in your room. It has a cool handle at the back so that you can unplug it, move it and plug in a different room. Its external body remains cold to carry and move it.

It is an economical electricity powered personal heater which comes with a one year warranty for manufacturing faults opposite to any other handy heater as seen on TV. Purchase it for keeping your caravans, bedrooms, RVs, cars, campers, office or dorm a welcoming and warm place to relax in.

In case you are looking for a medium sized personal heater then you will definitely like to own the Lifesmart Medium Room ​Heater​. It is manufactured with 3 superior wrapped quartz infrared heating elements that give out a consistent flow of hot air by offering the setting of 1K, 1.5K watt, and economy mode.

It is not as big as seen on TV heater but it warms up to 150 sq ft of enclosed area. You can program it for 12 hours timer that goes off automatically to prevent overheating and saving electricity. Being an infrared personal heater this is a healthier and economical heating solution for small to medium rooms needing 1500 watts of power. It is a smartly designed personal appliance that gives you a feeling of lying in your coziest quilt.

By providing a smart and convenient remote control with this handy infrared heater, Lifesmart had been successful in making this compact heater a better option among the heaters without the remote. As you use it for hours the front grill may feel a bit warmer but the whole sturdy plastic exterior of the heater remains cool to touch and carry anywhere.

This economical handy heater specs can amaze you while its heating performance is already given a thumbs up by the customers. It is a small sized heating appliance that can heat a small room quickly. Don’t think that you cannot heat a bigger room with this handy heater. By using multiple portable plug in heaters you can do but it may take a little longer than for a smaller room. The Lifesmart personal heater as seen on TV is great in performance giving you the value for money.

Getting a Holmes Quartz Tower Heater in your home, office or car can give you only one benefit. The benefit is that you will always stay warm whatever the weather conditions are. This sleek and stylish looking personal heater comes in a tower shape that sits quietly in the corner of your room, near your couch or bed providing you warmth day in day out.

It is a safe appliance that will not provide any danger to kids playing near or when you are using it in a damp place like your bathroom. The Holmes ​Tower Heater is secured with multiple safety settings and auto shut-off feature to keep a check on the temperature according to your comfort. Its tip-over protection is another great feature to take care of accidental damage to the heater or the surroundings.

The easy to control thermostat is the reason that you can totally rely on this superb appliance for the heating needs in your home. It has a MaxFlow heating system supported by two quartz tubes. Like most of the personal heaters, this can be set at to two temperatures of 750 and 1,500 watts. You have the option to choose between warm and really hot room.

This extremely efficient small heater can make you feel as if you are sitting in warm sunlight. It is portable, handy to carry along in the house and also while you are travelling in your own vehicle. It takes the least space anywhere whether at home or outdoors. 537 Happy Amazon buyers have endorsed the Holmes Tower Heater with 4.2 star rating.

Before we wrap this review of portable heaters i would like to mention a few things about handy heater maintenance. The life any appliance and a heater for that matter depends on how you take care of the product. To enhance the durability of the heaters you need to take care of following tips.

  • Do check the power cable from time to time. Check for any loose plugs of the cable or wall-sockets.
  • Check the earth connection of the input power supply. This is very important and you should get it regularly checked from an electrician experienced in handling heating appliances.
  • In order to clean the heater, make sure it is disconnected from the mains supple. Always use a dry cloth to clean it. In case you have used a damp cloth to clean some stains on it, wait for some time to dry the heater before plugging it back.
  • If a tip-over switch is provided on the heater, check it pressing it manually to see whether the power gets cut off.
  • If you are using a fan based heater you need to blow the dust from the fan on regular basis. You can use an electric blower to do so.
  • In case you find any of the heating element is not functioning, contact your nearest dealer or report it to customer care.
  • If you are using a portable heater that is placed on floor or some stand, you have to make sure that the area near its base is not wet.
  • Always keeps the heater out of the reach of children.

Final thoughts

Buying a personal portable heater is definitely a good decision. But before you buy a handy heater, be sure to read through all of the reviews This to make sure you find the features you need in your heater for comfortable working or relaxing moments. Also go through the reviews and feedback of the people who have used and benefited by the best models of handy heaters available and read the reviews. Get one of these appliances reviewed here and enjoy the winters!


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